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                We take pride in highest-quality hemp that is organically and ethically grown by experienced and licensed farmers on outdoor farms in Switzerland under the perfect and natural conditions such as sunlight and rainwater and using the traditional, natural methods have their roots go deep into the ground and utilise natural nutrients from the fertile, mineral-rich soil, which guarantees the production of Full Spectrum Organic CBD Virgin Hemp Supercritical C02 Extract Boosted with Pure CBD Distillate of natural constituents at the best and highest level possible of potency. which, unlike hemp products grown through artificial farms without soil and sunlight.

                Our quality control program is strict and detailed and tests every batch of products. The Full Spectrum Organic CBD Virgin Hemp Supercritical C02 Extract Boosted with Pure CBD Distillate we use is grown mainly for the extraction of CBD from its aerial's parts (stalk, leaves and flowers).

                The result of this careful and selective farming is the Honey Heaven's premium high-quality Full Spectrum Organic CBD Virgin Hemp Supercritical C02 Extract Boosted with Pure CBD Distillate.

                All products are manufactured in the UK under the best and highest conditions possible.

                We pride ourselves to produce the highest quality Full-Spectrum CO2 Extracted Swiss Hemp CBD products made with Boosted Pure CBD Distillate; which is the purest in CBD Industry! This process defines our CBD products to stand out from the crowd and providing highest health benefits.

                Why Choose Honey Heaven's Organic CBD Products?

                We prioritise highest standards of purity and potency possible to deliver only the best quality Full Spectrum Virgin Hemp CBD Extracts and boosted with Pure CBD Distillate. Our CBD and phytonutrient content are confirmed and certified by independent laboratory tests. At Honey Heaven, we are dedicated to producing and providing the healthiest and finest products while excluding all artificial colours, preservatives, flavourings, sweeteners or other foreign agents.

                PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  

                Our Supercritical CO2 Extracted Full Spectrum Pure Full Plant Organic CBD Extract Boosted with Pure CBD Distillate, from Sativa L in Virgin Hemp Oil:

                Our Supercritical CO2 Extracted Full Spectrum Pure Full Plant Organic CBD Extract Boosted with Pure CBD Distillate, from Sativa L in Virgin Hemp Oil contains all the goodness of Full Spectrum CBD oil from whole-plant extract with the added boost of pure Organic CBD Distillate.

                This allows high strength CBD users to benefit from the entourage effect of all the cannabinoids and other plant essences working together, which research confirm do enhance the overall effect.

                The Organic Virgin Hemp Oil carrier oil, made from seeds of the same Sativa L hemp plant is rich in omega 5 oils with antioxidant properties. Benefit from our high concentration Supercritical CO2 Extracted Full Spectrum Pure Full Plant Organic CBD Extract Boosted with Pure CBD Distillate, from Sativa L in Virgin Hemp Oil as a supplement to complement your relaxation and stress-busting techniques. Available in four strengths from 1000mg CBD (10%), 1500mg CBD (15%), 3000mg CBD (30%) and 5000mg CBD (50%) per 10ml bottle pipette top.

                You can take a few drops of our Organic CBD Extract oil under your tongue or in food and drinks below 65 degrees in temperature. For more information on doses and use, please visit our product information page.

                • Guaranteed CBD and CBDA content
                • Full Spectrum Organic oil containing full range of terpenes, flavonoids and vitamins
                • Supercritical CO2 extracted from whole plant extract of Sativa L Hemp
                • Boosted with Pure CBD Distillate
                • You can also try our CBD Tea to support part of your healthy living regime. Available in three different flavours, Goodnight, Energizer, and Detox
                • Organic 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD Infused in Organic Acacia Honey with Boosted Pure CBD Distillate - Extract 250g

                Supercritical CO2 Extracted Full Spectrum Pure Full Plant Organic CBD Extract Boosted with Pure CBD Distillate from Sativa L in Organic Virgin Hemp Oil.

                The antioxidant and high omega 5 properties of organic virgin hemp oil, pressed from the seeds of sativa L, make it the perfect carrier oil for our organic CBD boosted Cannabis oil. Supercritical CO2 Extracted Organic CBD Oil from Full Spectrum Full Plant Extract is processed from carefully selected organic hemp and blended with the organic virgin hemp oil.

                Additional pure organic CBD distillate is then added to create a pure high strength organic CBD oil.

                This way we can assure you that Honey Heaven Full Spectrum Organic CBD Cannabis Oil Virgin Hemp Full Plant Extract Oil products contain Pure CBD extracted from Hemp Sativa L. full plant extract CBD paste of the highest quality. 

                Because Hemp Sativa L is ultra-low in THC, the full spectrum organic CBD oil it produces is well within CBD oil legal UK limits, containing only an almost undetectable trace. Our Full Spectrum Organic CBD Cannabis Oil Virgin Hemp Whole Plant Extract has a nutty, herbal taste.

                Hold a few drops under your tongue for fast take up of the organic CBD oil through the blood-rich membranes or add the organic CBD oil to a warm drink or food.

                Do bear in mind that temperatures above 65 degrees will change the molecular structure of the oil greatly reducing the effectiveness of the cannabinoids.

                Honey Heaven offer Full Spectrum Organic CBD Cannabis Oil Virgin Hemp Full Plant Extract Boosted with Pure CBD Distillate in Organic Virgin Hemp Oil in 1000mg CBD (10%), 1500mg CBD (15%), 3000mg CBD (30%) and 5000mg CBD (50%) per 10ml of organic virgin hemp oil, so you can choose the best strength of CBD for your use.

                What exactly is CBD Distillate, and what makes it such a superior product?

                First things first. CBD Distillate is a highly refined Cannabis extract often derived from high CBD hemp flower and hemp biomass. CBD Distillate typically contains around 80% CBD with the balance including cannabinoids, terpenes and other plants oils and extracts. It’s even been said that THC and CBD distillate are the future of Cannabis. Distillation is defined as:

                1. The action of purifying a liquid by a process of heating or cooling
                2. The extraction of the essential meaning or most important aspect of something

                In regards to Cannabis, distillation is a process that creates concentrates that are “cleaner” than other concentrates in that they’re pure on a molecular level. Distillates are also one of the most potent types of concentrates that exist.

                Distillation of cannabis allows for the extraction of cannabinoids that offer a pure, versatile, and potent product that has infinite potential as far as application is concerned.

                The world of Cannabis is definitely changing.

                THC and CBD distillate

                The process of Cannabis distillation applies to both CBD derived from hemp, as well as THC derived from marijuana.

                What makes THC and CBD distillate so beneficial? For one, the distillate is Cannabis in one of its purest forms. 

                On average, CBD distillate contains around 80 per cent CBD from hemp or THC from Marijuana. 

                The remaining balance is comprised of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and various other oils and plant extracts.

                For another, because Cannabis distillate is so highly concentrated, it’s one of the most potent Cannabis products there is. Whether you’re using CBD or THC for its therapeutic benefits, THC and CBD distillate packs a powerful and potent punch.

                What is Our Supercritical CO2 Extracted Full Spectrum Pure Full Plant Organic CBD Extract Boosted with Pure CBD Distillate from Sativa L in Organic Virgin Hemp Oil Good For?

                Research into the human endocannabinoid system is fascinating! Although Cannabis family plants have been used in herbal medicine in many cultures for centuries, medical science is only really now catching on to the benefits of CBD oil for mainstream use.

                Naturally occurring cannabinoids in the body are used to regulate many body-wide systems with functions as diverse as mental processes and mood to pain perception and control of inflammation levels in response to injury or stress.

                Understandably NHS licensed Cannabis oil must undergo extensive scientific testing. Currently, doctors only prescribe it for severe epileptics and many GPs are still wary to do so, much highlighted in the national press.

                CBD oil for pain and CBD oil for anxiety are areas being currently researched but, in the meantime is important that, as responsible CBD oil UK suppliers, that we highlight that CBD oil sold as a food supplement is not a medicine.

                Whilst our oils are independently lab-tested and you can view the results here on our website, they should not be used to replace prescribed medications or to treat diseases but we have had customers who use them for such.

                They are intended for use as part of your healthy living regime that should include a balanced diet, exercise and sufficient sleep. Users of our Supercritical CO2 Extracted Full Spectrum Pure Full Plant Organic CBD Extract Boosted with Pure CBD Distillate often select it to compliment well-researched food choices that support their general wellbeing, managing long-standing health conditions.

                People with stressful lives need to take particular care of their health and do include CBD among their natural supplement choices when they seek to increase focus and calmness. The time of day that you take your CBD can be important. Some users find that CDB can make them drowsy.

                It is very important to check if you are affected this way if you take CBD before needing to drive or operate machinery, however, people who have a good sleep hygiene routine, including a screen use curfew and late caffeine ban often choose to take their CBD shortly before bedtime and sometimes in a higher dose than they would for daytime use.

                In recent years, cannabinoid (CBD), a compound derived from the cannabis plant, has gained a lot of popularity and attention.

                Medically, studies have shown CBD to be extremely effective in the treatment of many ailments, ranging from chronic pain, asthma, and inflammation to depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and nearly everything in between.

                CBD is highly versatile, extracted from cannabis plants and infused into a variety of products, including oils and ointments, tinctures and teas, and capsules and food products.

                While it is found in cannabis, CBD is a cannabinoid that provides its healthful benefits without causing patients to feel "high," the primary function of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Without these psychoactive effects, CBD offers excellent potential for the treatment of a myriad of medical issues and ailments, whether physical, mental, or emotional.

                Two of the newest products Honey Heaven is excited to offer is our Organic 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD Extract Infused in Organic Acacia Honey Boosted with Pure CBD Distillate.

                Combining the beneficial attributes of Organic honey and cannabinoid creates a product that offers the best of both worlds, a tasty treat with a plethora of healthful applications! Organic CBD Tea mix herbs and spices,

                Goodnight to aid with sleep.

                Energizer to boost your immune system and Detox to clean your colon and dextoxify your body.

                They are all made to aid with your wellbeing.

                What does CBD oil do?

                The human body produces natural cannabinoids utilised by the endocannabinoid system to regulate many neural, immune and inflammatory responses. Providing extra CBD to the body’s resources allows full utilisation of the natural processes that balance responses we may not wish for.

                Although the name of the product includes ‘Cannabis oil’, this refers to the Cannabis family of plants that includes the Sativa L. This hemp is what we process to make our organic CBD extract.

                Because Sativa L hemp is naturally low in THC, the final steps to remove it from the finished Cannabis oil are easier to accomplish.

                None of Honey Heaven’s CBD oil products contains sufficient THC to trigger a psychoactive response.

                There is no chance of becoming ‘high’

                What is CBD oil used for?

                Some users report that they have better focus when they take CBD supplements, whilst others consider it aids relaxation.

                As individual responses vary, you should begin with a low dose and see what works well for you.

                CBD oil as a dietary supplement is not a medicine and should not be used to replace prescription drugs.

                Many people use it alongside the conventional treatments that support their wellness for a range of conditions as well as taking CBD supplements as part of their daily wellbeing regime.

                Our Supercritical CO2 Extracted Full Spectrum Pure Full Plant Organic CBD Extract Boosted with Pure CBD Distillate, from Sativa L in Virgin Hemp Oil is the strongest CBD oil as a UK supplier we can offer you as a supplement.

                Our rigorous testing with independent laboratories means we are certain of the pure CBD values for each batch as well as the levels of all cannabinoids in the oil.

                CBD oil benefits

                Whilst CBD and Cannabis oil has been constantly in the news, CBD oil UK law means that oils which have not gone through extensive medical testing must be sold as food supplements, and cannot be advertised as medicines.

                Users tell us they value CBD oil as part of their strategy to help them to relax and feel calmer so it is often used alongside a regular routine for restful sleep and as part of individuals’ regime for dealing with stressful days.

                Some health benefits of CBD oil:

                • Pain Management  
                • Inflammation 
                • Arthritis 
                • Migraines/Headaches 
                • Menstrual Pains  
                • Stress 
                • ADD/ADHD
                • Anxiety Disorders 
                • Depression 
                • PTSD  
                • Insomnia 
                • Cancers 
                • Epilepsy & Seizures 
                • Multiple Sclerosis
                • Fibromyalgia 
                • Glaucoma 
                • Heart Health 
                • IBS 
                • Digestive Issues 
                • Psoriasis 
                • Acne/Skin Health 
                • Reduces Itching 
                • Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco withdraw  
                • Fight Bacteria & other Fungal Infections   

                In What Ways Can Full Spectrum Organic CBD Virgin Hemp Supercritical C02 Extract Help? 
                Cannabinoids (like CBD) are chemical compounds produced naturally by the hemp plant.

                Amazingly, cannabinoids are also produced by the human body known as endocannabinoids (with Endo referring to internal or within the body).

                There are endocannabinoid receptors in both the central and peripheral nervous systems for the regulation of various physiological processes such as sleep, appetite, mood, pain, stress response and immune functions.

                Due to similarities in their structure, the cannabinoids contained in our Full Spectrum Virgin Hemp Extract interact with the endocannabinoid receptors in the body.

                Several studies have revealed the use of cannabinoids for therapeutic purposes offers many benefits. Many clinical studies have been carried to uncover the positive effects of CBD and you can find the reports of these studies on the internet. You are encouraged to conduct your research and educate yourself.

                What Is Supercritical CO2 Extraction Full Spectrum Process?

                Supercritical CO2 extraction full Spectrum Process entails all the activities involved in the extraction of impurity-free, clean and highest quality CBD oil without any need for post-processing.

                The process involves controlling both the temperature and CO2 pressure using a set of phases to create various states from solid to gas, which results in the extraction of different weights of components in the plant material in a single operation.

                Supercritical CO2 extraction causes the release of the pure and complete active range of terpenes, vitamins and cannabinoids from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant.

                The CO2 extraction process is the oldest renowned technique for you to benefit extensively from the use of CBD as it involves extracting full plant CBD from Sativa L. hemp to ensure that terpenes, flavonoids and the entire cannabinoids from the hemp oil and CBD are well preserved.

                Many researchers believe that the combination of all the plant extracts produces an “entourage effect” such that the combined effect of all the cannabinoids, essential oils and other vitamins is higher than overall effects that CBD can have alone.


                Organic CBD Products are not meant to replace prescribed medication and are not intended for the treatment of serious medical conditions.

                For All Organic CBD Products:

                • Keep out of reach of children.
                • Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
                • Like all supplements, persons under 18 years old, pregnant women and nursing mother should not use CBD oil products.
                • Users are, however, advised to consult their doctors to clarify that there will not be any contraindications of CBD oil with other medications they are taking or their present state of health.
                • Do not take CBD oil as a replacement for prescription medicines or other forms of medical treatments.
                • Avoid adding CBD oil to hot drinks or foods because its effectiveness is reduced if heated above 65ºC. Instead, use our Organic Acacia CBD Honey infused in 1500mg Full Spectrum Organic CBD Extract Boosted with Pure CBD Distillate Extract.
                • Do not exceed 24 drops (200mg) per day.

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